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Welcome to my website

I am on a never-ending adventure on which I always finding new

ways to innovate and mine work more depth.


Explore my art portfolio and discover the Influences and

inspirations behind some of mine achievements.


About me

My name is Alania Gerber and I was born in Thun BE. I grew up and went to school in Thierachern (municipality in the administrative district of Thun BE).


The devotion to drawing I have discovered during the youth, it gave me even then a lot of fun. I was also fascinated by calligraphy "art of beautiful writing" by hand, brush, felt-tip pen or other writing tools. 

I came to acrylic only in 2018. This because I got an acrylic basics course for my birthday as a gift. That was the start into the world of canvas and acrylic paints. My creative streak was brought back to life after a long break. I paint out of passion, because so I can relax after long work / or mommy days.

Today I live with my family in Starrkirch-Wil (municipality in the district of Olten). In addition to my role as a mother, I work part-time as an IT assistant for a large insurance company.




Alania Gerber


Thanks very much!

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